5 Flowers That Say “I Love You”

There’s no better way to let someone know you care than getting them a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Whether you’re celebrating something special or just trying to show someone how important they are to you, some “I love you flowers” will put a smile on their face and warm their heart.

If you’re looking to put together the perfect “I love you” bouquet, you’re probably wondering what kinds of flowers to include. Read on to find out which five varieties of flowers say “I love you” the best. 

i love you flowers

1. Roses 

Roses are the flower associated with love. And roses are used to send a variety of messages associated with love. They’re used as a declaration of romantic love, as an apology, to commemorate anniversaries, and as sweet everyday reminders of our feelings for those we love. 

Even the color of the rose sends a specific message. Red roses are for those we love romantically and passionately. White roses are associated with marriage, so they’re great “I love you flowers” for your spouse. Dark pink roses represent appreciation, so they’re a great choice if you’re looking to say “I’m grateful for all you do.”

No matter what message of love you’re trying to send, roses will always get it across perfectly. 

2. Tulips

While roses have always been the flower of love in the West, in Central Asia tulips are the flowers that represent perfect love. Tulips are at the center of the tragic Turkish love story, the legend of Farhad and Shirin.

There are several versions of this story, but in all of them, either Farhad or Shirin sacrifice themselves to prove their love. Where their blood falls on the ground, red tulips grow as a symbol of their everlasting love for each other.

Though the love story is grim, the message sent by a bouquet of tulips isn’t. They let the receiver know that your love is perfect and everlasting. 

3. Carnations

Carnations are especially associated with special events related to love. Carnations are the perfect flower to give to celebrate an engagement or to include in a wedding bouquet. They’re also a great alternative to more expensive flowers like roses if you’re looking to send a simple and sweet message of love.

A bouquet of carnations is perfect to represent the everyday love you have for a partner. 

4. Sunflowers

If you’re looking for the best flowers for the person who brings light into your life, then sunflowers are a perfect choice. Their bright yellow petals are a vibrant reminder to your love that they’re the center of your universe. 

Sunflowers have also been long associated with adoration and loyalty. So, getting a sunflower bouquet for the one you love sends a message of both love and commitment. 

5. Pink Asters

In Roman mythology, pink asters were the flower associated with Venus, the Goddess of Love. So, it makes sense that these unique, beautiful flowers represent both love and sensitivity. 

Giving the one you love a bouquet of pink asters is a great way to remind them that your love is literally divine.

Getting the Perfect “I Love You Flowers”

Getting the perfect “I love you flowers” for the person you love the most can be as simple as getting a bouquet with a single kind of flower or as elaborate as creating a bouquet with all five varieties of these romantic buds. 

If you’re looking to create something more elaborate than a single flower bouquet, check out the specially crafted bouquets in our Love and Romance section. We’ll happily create the perfect bouquet to impress your love! 

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