7 Super Interesting St. Valentine Facts: Number 5 May Surprise You!

When it comes to Valentine’s Day you may think about hearts, chocolate, flowers, cupid, and love in general. But what do you really know about Valentine’s day?

There are many facts about St. Valentine that you may not have learned growing up.

It’s important to know the history behind holidays and famous figures to appreciate them more.

Keep reading for 7 super interesting St. Valentine facts!

st. valentine facts

1. St. Valentine Was a Real Person

It is noted that there are actually three different Saints with the same name of Saint Valentine.

It is believed that they all could be the same person from different times of his life. Pope Gelasius marked February 14th as a celebration in 496 AD for St. Valentine. 

2. Never Sign a Valentine’s Day Card

Back in Victorian times, they considered it bad luck to sign a Valentine’s Day card. Luckily, that isn’t a superstition we held onto.

It’s easy to give a bad gift on Valentine’s Day, so don’t sign the card! Make sure you’re giving your Valentine a gift the right way.  

3. St. Valentine Was Beheaded

St. Valentine did a lot of good and worked miracles. Emperor Claudius, who didn’t believe in Christianity, challenged St. Valentine to heal his blind daughter. The Saint laid hands on his daughter and healed her which resulted in his beheading. 

4. 250 Million Roses Are Produced

It is pretty obvious that roses are one of the best flowers to give your special someone on Valentine’s Day.

There are 250 million roses produced for Valentine’s Day. In 2017, people spent 2 billion dollars just on giving flowers to someone! 

5. People Give Their Pets Valentine’s Gifts

You may be surprised to know that 20% of US consumers give their pets Valentine’s Day gifts. People think more about their pets for Valentine’s Day than they do for their coworkers or kids. So this upcoming Valentine’s Day make sure to get something for your furry friend. 

6. Chocolates Are Romantic

Back in the 19th century, Richard Cadbury was the one to create the heart-shaped box which is now a staple in our Valentine’s Day festivities. He created chocolate in an inexpensive way so they could be mass-produced for the holiday.

Chocolate is said to make the person more open to romance and desire, especially for the person who gave them chocolate. This is because when we eat chocolate our brain releases a soothing chemical that helps to increase energy and desire levels. 

7. Second Largest Greeting Card Holiday

There are about 145 million Valentine’s Day cards being exchanged each year.

This makes Valentine’s Day the second-largest holiday for giving greeting cards, right behind Christmas. Greeting cards for Valentine’s Day aren’t limited to just couples, you could give one to your coworkers, parents, neighbors, or friends. 

St. Valentine Facts Are Interesting

Valentine’s Day to most only seems like a commercial holiday designed for you to buy and give gifts to your loved ones. But there actually is a lot of history behind the holiday and a lot of St. Valentine facts you can learn. 

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