A Gift for Mom: The Best Flowers to Give for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up. Has it slipped your mind? Are you scrambling to find a gift? Flowers can be a quick and thoughtful gift you can send your mom.

The great thing about flowers is there’s a wide range of styles to suit almost any kind of personality. Most flowers have different meanings behind them, so not only are you giving a great looking gift when you give Mother’s Day flowers, but you’re also giving something meaningful.

Here are some flowers you can consider giving your mother this year.


Tulips have a wide variety of meanings and the meaning is determined by the color of tulip you choose. Red is supposed to symbolize love, while pink is meant to represent affection. Sometimes, you might give a white tulip as a means of apology.

Whatever their meaning, tulips are a tried and tested classic that makes it an excellent choice for a Mother’s Day flower.


Speaking of tried and tested classics, you can’t go wrong with a rose. If you can’t decide which flower to go with, you might consider picking roses.

You might want to skip red roses, as these are typically associated with romantic interest. Pink roses are ideal, as the pink represents appreciation and gratitude—the perfect sentiment for Mother’s Day.


Did you know the carnation is actually linked to the origins of Mother’s Day? This is because Anna Jarvis, the person responsible for the foundation of the holiday, sent 500 white carnations to every mother belonging to a West Virginia congregation.

She did this because it was her mother’s congregation and she had recently passed away. Anna picked the flower because it was her mother’s favorite.

Not only are they intrinsically connected with Mother’s Day, but these flowers can also last for a very long time in comparison to some of the alternatives.


The orchid is a less traditional option; this is something you could pick if your mom is more of a “trendy” mom. Not only do orchids look great, but they’re also a relatively easy houseplant to care for.

Again, pink is a fantastic choice of color. Pink orchids are said to represent elegance, femininity, and poise.


Peony flowers can grow to a very large size; this is great if you want to give your mom flowers to use as an extravagant centerpiece. With the help of a professional florist, these flowers can look amazing. They can grow to the size of a cabbage!

Not only are these flowers wonderful to look at, but they also have a lot of tradition associated with them. For example, they’re the official state flower of Indiana and also represent a 12th wedding anniversary.

More Than Just Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother’s Day should be regarded as a special day. It was your mother who was responsible for raising you into the person you are today, after all.

While a gift of Mother’s Day flowers will certainly be appreciated, make sure you pay your mom a visit this holiday or at least give her a phone call. You’ll definitely make her day!

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