Be a Great Guest: A Simple Guide to Giving Flowers as a Hostess Gift

The floral industry is about $34.3 billion in yearly revenue. Rightfully so, since flowers are a thoughtful way to show you care.

Are you looking for the perfect hostess gift? Look no further, and discover when to give a gift and the best flowers to give.

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When to Give Flowers 

When you’re heading to a dinner party, it’s a kind gesture to bring a gift such as flowers. After all, your friend is making a meal for you from their home. It doesn’t have to be super expensive or flashy, but if you want to go one step above you can place the flowers in a vase or mason jar. 

Not only will the flower arrangement look beautiful in a vase, but it’ll save your host an extra step of having to stop what they’re doing to put them in water and find a vase.

Even if your host says to just bring yourself, it’s proper etiquette to bring a gift, such as flowers. If you’d like it to be even more convenient, you could have it sent to your host the day before.

Whether it’s a casual dinner party, or you’re the guest of honor, you’ll want to give a gift to say thank you. When picking out the perfect floral arrangement, keep your hostess in mind. 

Traditional Bouquet

Is your host more of a traditional person? They’ll enjoy a more traditional bouquet. Look for colors that match any holidays that are close, and use seasonal varieties. Try to choose a shorter display so it won’t overpower any decorations your host might have. 

Art and Flowers Combined

If the host is more of a lover for art, you can place flowers in a handmade vase. This is nice because they’re technically getting 2 gifts instead of one. They can always reuse the vase in the future for decorative purposes.

Succulents and Flowers

You can combine succulents with flowers if your hostess doesn’t like a traditional look. Succulents are increasingly popular, and you can give them an assortment of succulents with orchids for a unique but beautiful design. 

Sunny Bouquet

Is the host a sunny person, always smiling, and filled with positivity? Why not give them a sunny and bright bouquet? You can give them a vibrant bouquet filled with roses and lilies. 

Classic Orchids

For more of a classic and clean look, go with white orchids. White dendrobium orchids will stand out and make a beautiful impression with their butterfly-shaped blooms. 

Beautiful Pearl Roses 

Does your hostess appreciate the beauty in life? Pink pearl roses are perfect for the host who loves the lavish lifestyle and appreciates the beauty in life. 

Picking out the Perfect Hostess Gift

Picking out the perfect hostess gift should be a fun and exciting time. While other gifts might not be a good fit, most love flowers. The great part about flowers is you can design the perfect assortment for your host. 

Are you ready to pick out the perfect bouquet for your host? Shop now and find the best assortment that’s sure to make your host smile. 

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