Birth Flowers: Which Flower is For Your Month?

Flowers make a lovely gift for any occasion unless they’re bought at the supermarket or gas station as an afterthought. 

If you truly want someone to feel special on their birthday or another significant celebration, take the time to create a meaningful arrangement for the recipient.

When you choose birth month flowers, it shows that you put a little extra thought into your gift. Here’s a list of blooms to go with every month of the year. 

birth month flowers


What better way to start the year than with a cheerful bunch of these fragrant blooms? Representing admiration, fascination, and beauty, carnations do double duty as a way to show someone important how you feel about them.


Three flowers make it onto the list for the month of love. The violet, iris, and peony are all associated with February birthdays. Their purple and yellow hues also symbolize faithfulness and pure love, so they’re a good substitute for the usual Valentines Day roses too.


Daffodils are a fitting choice as the birth flowers for March since they make their grand appearance during the spring. Their cheerful yellow color bursts with the energy of a new season and they have become synonymous with happiness and affection.


Another happy little bloom is the daisy. The innocence and playfulness of this simple flower suit the ongoing sense of youthful renewal that persists throughout the springtime.


The lily has a long association with the Virgin Mary in Catholic culture and as such it represents humility and hope. If you have any saintly friends born in the month of May, this magnificent flower is a good choice for them. 


The world’s most popular flower had to make an appearance somewhere on the calendar and here it is. With about 100 varieties of roses to choose from and almost as many colors, it’s easy to choose a rose bouquet to suit any personality.


Delphiniums are the birth flower of July and look gorgeous in an arrangement with other flowers. Roses and hydrangeas are your top choice to include with these flowers in a birthday arrangement.


One of the year’s most beautiful birthday flowers is the gladiolus. While it’s sword-shaped stems have come to symbolize strength, the beauty of its blooms can melt the hardest heart.


Symbolizing love and elegance, the aster is the birth flower of September. It’s rich hues and lush textures look great in any bouquet, especially when combined with roses and gerbera daisies. 


Nature seems to have designed marigolds with fall in mind. Their gorgeous buttery to burnt-orange color fits right in with this season. Marigolds do not make great cut flowers, so you will have to choose another bloom from the same color range for your gift. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.


As winter approaches, cheer up your friend’s birthday with a colorful red, yellow, and blue bouquet of chrysanthemum’s. These lovely flowers represent all that is happy and bright


Since they’re known universally as the Christmas flower, it’s no surprise that poinsettia belongs in a December birthday bouquet along with snowy narcissus. Their red petals and dark green foliage are the perfect matches for cheerful holiday decor too. 

Get the Best Birth Month Flowers

While ordering birth month flowers online is an excellent way to envisage what the final arrangement will look like, and get it delivered on time, there are pitfalls. Unless you choose a reputable florist, you could be in for a disappointment.

When you pick one of our floral arrangments, what you see is what you get. Order your birthday arrangements now. 

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