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Flower delivery in Upper East Side is growing more every day. It is a relatively new business venture, so naturally more people are asking questions. To take advantage of flower delivery in the upper east side, the customer needs to understand what it is and how it works.


How Does Flower Delivery Work


The first question that is asked a lot is how it works. Well, if you are ordering online from 1-800-flowers, they will take your order then send your request to a contracted local florist. The local florist then fills your order and delivers it. Each company usually has several different local flower shops to whom they can contract out.  Some online companies do not do this. They have warehouses that they go through. These warehouses are located all over the country. The company will take your order and send it to the warehouse. The warehouse will then fill your order and send it to you. Some of these get it to you the next day and some within the next three days. If you decide to order through your local florist, then they would take your order, put it together, and deliver it to you.


Who will take the payment? If you order from your local florist, then you will pay the florist directly. However, if you order online, you will pay the company who will then settle things with the local florist latter on.


How long does it take to get the flowers where they are going? This is the concern of a lot of people because you always want the freshest flowers possible. Ordering through your local florist is the best way to do this. That is because these flowers are only in transit for a maximum of thirty minutes. Online orders depend on where they deliver from. It could be as little as thirty minutes or as long as three days.


 Another common question is, are the online florist putting local business out business? Online florists are in a way helping local florist by assisting them to form a network. However, they are still taking the full sells as well as the word of mouth reputation away from the local florist. This is because while the online companies are contracting through a local florist. The name of the online florist is still on the receipt.


By going to a local florist instead of an online shop, you are putting money back into your community.  You are also helping a local business owner keep their doors open. A local florist can offer all the same options as an online store. Some local florists still have the option of ordering online. Your local flower shop can sometimes even offer you better deals on your flowers then a local florist.


Why Choose Violet's Flowers


Here at Violet's flowers, we are proud to claim the title of the best florist on the Upper East Side. We offer flower delivery in Upper East side as well. We want to help you to by providing the best flowers around. So come to see us at Violet's florist or visit us online at violet-florist.com and see all that we have to offer. Then let us help you find the best flowers for all your special occasions.

Flower Delivery Upper East Side
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