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If you're looking for the best selection of flowers in Upper East Side, Violet's Florist is the place to go. Visit us online or in-person. We have the perfect flowers for any occasion, including weddings, anniversaries, funerals, graduations, holidays, reunions, romantic evenings, and more. Find out why more people are choosing Violet's Florist for the perfect flowers in Upper East Side.

Choose from Our Variety of Seasonal Flowers

Violet's Florist offers a stunning array of seasonal flowers that are sure to brighten up any room or mood. When you give seasonal flowers, you know that your flowers are going to be fresh. Indeed, when you buy seasonal flowers, they will look and smell amazing. Most kinds of flowers in this hemisphere only grow naturally during one of our four seasons each year. Of course, greenhouses can produce any flowers all year round, but flower connoisseurs generally agree that flowers grown in greenhouses are inferior to seasonal flowers.

Flowers grown in their due season are always fresher and more vibrant than flowers growing out of season in a controlled climate. This is true partially because greenhouse flowers are grown with artificial light, growth enhancers, and pesticides. Not only are these chemicals harmful to the environment, but flowers grown in such settings won't last as long as flowers grown in season. Violet's Florist sells the brightest seasonal flowers in Upper East Side

Give Orchids

Orchids are beautiful flowers and last longer than most. Orchids are colorful, vibrant, and full of character, and they make great last minute gifts. Many people like giving (and receiving) orchids because they are low maintenance flowers. Indeed, orchids are famous for being easy to care for. No green thumb needed with orchids!

Orchids require just three ice cubes for watering weekly. Whereas most flowers last only one week, orchids will continue to bloom for months or years if cared for properly. Orchids don't die; they enter a resting phase. They can bloom over and over again indefinitely. Be sure to give your recipient instructions on how to care for their orchids.

Love and Romance Flowers

Capture every moment with your special one and capture her heart with beautiful love and romance flowers from Violet's Florist. We offer the best love and romance flowers in Upper East Side. There's no better way to say "I love you" as our lovely flower bouquets do. Giving flowers is a heartfelt and thoughtful way to memorialize your love.

Birthday Flowers

Birthday flowers make great gifts for anybody, be it a girlfriend, spouse, relative, family member, or even someone at the office. Birthday flowers last well beyond the recipient's birthday, and they'll be thinking about you for days or weeks to come. If you're looking for birthday flowers in Upper East Side, contact Violet's Florist.

Sympathy Flowers

Grieving friends or loved ones will sincerely appreciate our selection of sympathy flowers, and sympathy flowers are a great way to express your condolences at a funeral. Sending a beautiful bouquet of white flowers with a little background greenery can brighten up a somber mood and have a comforting effect. Violet's Florist can even send the flowers to the funeral home for you for display during the services and the funeral.

Flowers Upper East Side
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