How to Give Flowers to a Girl: A Simple Guide for Guys

To give flowers to a person you care about is a beautiful gesture. 

Flowers are visual reminders that we are loved and the world is full of beauty. When you give flowers to others, you remind them of the beauty within them. You also communicate that you appreciate who they are. 

Giving flowers isn’t just for romance either. Flowers can be given to a family member or friend. But, it’s important to select the right flowers to send the right message. 

If you want to give flowers to a special woman in your life, then you may feel more pressure to get it right. But, just know that any flower you give should light up her day. The gesture alone is thoughtful and allows her to know that you were thinking of her.

However, if you’re looking for the perfect way and perfect flower to give to her, then read on. 

give flowers

1. Relationship Status

First, consider your relationship status. Are you in a serious, long-term relationship? Currently dating, but not exclusive?

If you’re in a serious relationship, then the sky is the limit. Your long-term girlfriend will be excited about just about any flower arrangement you bring her. It can be big or small, but she’ll be delighted to know you still appreciate her. 

If you’re dating a special someone, then consider giving her a small to medium-sized bouquet. You might also want to shy away from red roses until you are dating exclusively. Instead, give her white, pink, or purple flowers to express your growing interest and adoration. 

2. Occasion Versus Surprise

Occasions or “just because” are both great reasons to give the woman you care about flowers. Giving them to her as a surprise is even better! As a surprise, flowers are certain to brighten her day and make her feel special. 

For both occasions and surprises feel free to go all out if you’re in a long-term relationship. If you’re dating, then stick to the first guideline of small to medium-sized bouquets with colorful flowers. Hopefully, giving flowers while dating will show her that you’re a great catch!

3. Her Personality

When selecting flowers, always keep her personality in mind. Ask yourself what flowers remind you of her. Get a feel for what inspires her and then pick the flowers that match this essence. 

For example, if she’s a free spirit then sunflowers, wildflowers, and non-traditional bouquets are a great choice. If she’s sweet and romantic, then roses are a great match. 

4. Time and Place

Decide in advance on a time and place to give this special someone her bouquet. It’s important to understand her personality when deciding on a time and place. Some women like more private, intimate surprises whereas others enjoy being surprised in public. 

If you think she might be embarrassed by a public gesture, then consider giving them to her in the comfort of her home. That way she can truly be comfortable to express her love and appreciation fully. 

Give Flowers to Make Her Day

When you give flowers to a special someone, you can expect it to make her day. She’ll feel special, loved and adored as a result.

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