The Language of Flowers: The 5 Most Popular Flowers and Their Meanings

Nothing says I Love You quite like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Especially, if you’re sending someones favorite variety.

Why? Because flowers make people feel special!

Every year, we grow 250 million roses for Valentine’s Day sales. But, Valentine’s Day and roses give you only a narrow view of how flowers can show emotion.

There are many popular flowers to choose from. And, each one has it’s own meaning.

Here are 5 of the most popular flowers and their meanings.

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5 Popular Flowers and Their Special Meanings

Looking for a good reason to celebrate someone? Try sending a bouquet of one of these flowers. Show your feelings and make someone feel special, today!

1. Roses

We’ll start with the rose. Some may think it’s the most popular gifted flower. But, the truth is it all depends on the occasion.

Most people send roses to represent love and romance. Especially red roses. It has a heavy association with Valentine’s Day.

Yet, the meaning actually depends on the color of the rose. Here’s a quick list of rose color and it’s special meaning.

  • Red – Romance and Love
  • White – Innocence or Spirituality
  • Yellow – Friendship
  • Pink – Grace or Sweethearts
  • Orange – Enthusiasm or Passion

If you’re sending roses, be sure to choose the color that represents your true feelings!

2. Tulips

Another flower whose meaning’s seated in deep and true love is the tulip.

You can send tulips to someone you have very deep feelings for. Choose a rich color, such as red or purple, that implies passion for this occasion.

But tulips can have another meaning. They are one of the first flowers to bloom each spring. So, you could also say they symbolize rebirth and growth.

That said, they make great gifts for expectant mothers or for baby showers. Bright colored tulips will light up the room!

3. Carnations

In general, carnations represent pride and beauty. But, the true meaning of the carnation is complex. It’s also tied to color.

Some colors even have a negative meaning. Here’s what to know before you send them.

  • Pink – Motherhood
  • White – Purity
  • Red – Love and Adoration
  • Yellow – Rejection or Disappointment
  • Purple – Mood Swings and Capriciousness

While not all carnations signify good vibes, they are beautiful flowers. Ruffled, soft petals make them distinct. You can even have them dyed.

4. Lilies

Gorgeous and exotic in design, lilies are a very popular flower for gifting. There are many, many types of lilies. General meaning surrounds innocence and purity. 

Such as the Calla Lily. They are pure white and symbolize innocence. They are popular for weddings.

But, some varieties of lilies have their own meanings. Stargazer Lilies come in brilliant colors with patterns. They’re associated with honor and aspirations.

5. Daisies

The daisy is a simple flower with an equally simple meaning. It is fresh, innocent, and pure. But, that only applies to the white daisy.

Gerber daisies come in such brilliant colors. It’s no surprise they’ve come to represent cheer.

Show Someone You Care, Today!

Select your flowers with care. The most popular flowers can represent how you feel. Make sure you send the right message to your special someone.

Show your true feelings through the color and beauty of flowers!

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